Extreme Couponing UK Overview

Holly originally ran a small blog sharing coupons and deals from retailers, but found the site was difficult to manage and not user friendly. As her blog grew, she decided to rebrand her business to Extreme Couponing UK.

In 2015, we started working with Holly to develop a new website. Holly wanted a website which would show others how they could save money on their shopping bills every week through using coupons and various money saving techniques. It was key for Holly to be able to update and maintain the website with ease, adding the latest coupons, deals and freebies to the site as they become available. Holly has gained recognition for her couponing skills in print, on the web, radio and television.

The website receives 1000’s of daily website visitors as one of the most popular coupon resources in the UK. The site has been been built on WordPress and has been designed to display a range of coupons, deals, freebies.

We also provide social media community management within her online Facebook group of over 700,000 members. Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook Group.

Technical Overview

  • Built on WordPress
  • Fully Responsive Mobile Friendly Design
  • Optimised for Specific Keyword Search Terms
  • Social Media Community Management


“Feeling unfairly treated by past website designers I approached Webpal to see what they could offer and I was very impressed!

Right from the start Joe was amazing to work with and gave me constructive criticism about my branding which I took onboard and asked him to redesign the logos for my social media pages. Within a few days of the new logo going live my traffic tripled! making my page superior compared to my competitors.

From then on I used Webpal to design my website, which to-date reaches up to 6 million people a month (and has even been featured on National TV). I can confidently say that without Joe’s help by business wouldn’t be as successful as it is today! Webpal’s service is second to none! whenever I have needed help I’ve had a swift reply (unlike with previous companies I have worked with!).

Joe has amazing talent in web design and a great knowledge of what works well in terms of marketing! I highly recommend Webpal! you will not be disappointed.”